Photographs > "Like, But Not Like, Me"

It wasn't until after I printed the photos that Lisa and I realized that none of us had thought to wear dressy shoes with our long gowns. Serendipity. In this photo, one gets the feeling that Susie is Cinderella, at the moment where her finery at the ball is melting back into her work clothes as the maid of her wicked stepmother. I really, truly love this photograph because it's "mistakes" are not really errors. My entire belief around my work is that the viewer should see the maker's touch, and observing natural mistakes are what make the work less than perfect, which would offend the gods, as the Navajo believe, and I do too.

From "Like, But Not Like, Me," 2004
Susie Flees the Dance
warm-tone fiber-based paper
16 x 20 plus mat & frame