Saralyn Fosnight

I've been out of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago for seven years now. The projects I've done for pay are, for the most part, graphic design and are shown on the site. I also make some of my bread and butter with freelance proofreading. I specialize in cookbooks, craft books, and art books of the sort that designers and interior decorators would use (as opposed to art history scholars).

I'm very excited by my recent acquisition of a Nikon D90 camera. I will soon start putting up photos I've been taking with it.

Current art projects include an artists' book based on Dylan Thomas's poem "The force that through the green fuse drives the flower." I'm using photos I took in Massachusetts and photos I'm taking here in Chicago, with a model who's a friend of mine, to complement the text of the poem. I've given myself a year to complete the project and will be posting images that I may or may not use in it on this site, probably in a folder dedicated to the title of the book. I have the idea for the design worked out in InDesign; what remains is to settle on the art and photos I want to use to enhance the book.

I also just learned of the Chicago Photography Center, where once I can afford to join I can develop and print black-and-white photographs. Look for those as well in the year to come. I have a new Canon photo scanner that will handle negatives and slides equally well.

Keep coming back, please. Hope the viewers enjoy.