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I haven't been idle since I graduated from SAIC; I've just been kind of nesting. A year or so ago I decided to design and execute a "set" for the daybed I have in my living room. That's one of the projects I'll be putting up on my site

Right now I'm crocheting a tablecloth (urg!): 120 blocks. I think I have 12 at this point. When there's something to show, I'll show it, probably as a work in project, with an explanation.

For now, I'm uploading a photo of the daybed set, with detail pix inside the folder and a discussion of how I chose the colors and design I used. I'm not really a fabric person and didn't study these things in art school, but I believe I could never have designed such a complicated ensemble without my art school training. I feel I acquired the ability to visualize, then execute the projects I'm making, have made, and will make in the future.

Hope everyone enjoys them.