Photographs > "Like, But Not Like, Me"

For the digital jpeg for the website, when I scanned the negative I realized that Susie was more visible in the photograph than I had noticed when I printed the darkroom image. I dodged out the brilliance of the white gown I wore to get more detail but should have burned in Susie to be more visible, which is why the print in situ is priced lower than the others. If someone were to want a better copy, I could either make it with my inkjet printer or have it processed by a high-end photography service, then frame and mat it as it now appears. My printer handles anything up to 13 inches wide and 44 inches long.

Oh, and I refuse to call such prints "giclee." Why people have to Frenchify common names is totally beyond me, but if I were to make the print on my Epson 2200, it would be giclee, for those who are impressed by the silly word.

From "Like, But Not Like, Me," 2004
Susie and Saralyn with Long Trains
warm-tone fiber-based paper
16 x 20 plus mat & frame