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Two plates made with Riston blue film. One is a photo of my mother, Kathryn Fosnight. The archway is from a book of Durer's etchings published by Dover, to which I added a scan of the words I found on the back of the photograph. This was a photograph my grandfather, Frederick Earle Fosnight, apparently carried on his person with instructions for anyone who might find him in distress to reach his son, my dad Frank, at the government agency where he worked. Was the government bureaucracy so very small in the 1930s that anyone could just ask for my dad at the Department of Agriculture and expect to find him? I don't know, but my grandfather seemed to expect that it was. I found everything about the note and the photograph haunting and sad. This was one of my earliest attempts to work with family images I inherited from my dad.

Katie Fosnight Meets Albrecht Durer
Katie Fosnight Meets Albrecht Durer
Riston blue film etching
10 x 11