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Edition of six: 1/6. This is a litho of my sister, formerly Susan Lee Fosnight. My parents thought it was cute to give us the same initials. I hated it. In this image, we see my sister with the bouffant hairdo favored in the late sixties. She is sitting on my Aunt Gretchen's couch, holding her daughter Laura in her lap, in another four generation photo, this time of our dad, our grandmother, and the two of them. I always thought my sister looked like she was smirking in this photograph. She finally had managed to do something before I did, or so she thought. Not to speak ill of the dead, but my sister and her husband were two people who should never have had children. In class, my fellow classmates felt I had captured the smirk. Did I?

Susan Lee Turkel
Susan Lee Turkel
11 x 15