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Some windows let in everything:
Neighbors’ nosy inquiries, unwanted gazes,
or maybe the friendly curiosity of a stranger
who wants to know how I live, all about
my furniture, what hangs on my walls.
In my new place, there are no secrets.
I hear arguments, hip-hop in the alley, if
I leave my windows open.
My curtains don't fit these new windows,
so I sneak into my closet to dress.
I feel observed, even though my neighbors
have their windows covered.
I have not replaced the broken blinds
nor have I been able to buy
enough curtains for those windows needing them.
Every day, I worry about what gets seen,
what doesn't. My clothes seem all wrong,
It’s too hot to leave the sashes down,
so I raise them, but spend my time
looking out, to see
who might be looking in.

Stained Glass, page 16
Stained Glass, page 16
artist's book
8.25 x 10.5