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I am putting up the interior art and text for the accordion-fold book with the following precaution: What you see is what I had to arrange in order for the pages to print correctly on double-sided Epson matte inkjet paper. Thus, you will not be able to read the poem consecutively by looking at the art. Once the pages were aligned correctly and printed, they were cut in half vertically to form the pages for the book. The link them together in a continuous ribbon, I glued the overlaps with white book glue. Very tricky indeed and it took many hours to get three editions that were close to perfect. Perfection itself is for the gods; I am merely mortal.

The images I used were fairly ordinary digital photographs of a tourist site here in Chicago: the Navy Pier. In order to make them look more interesting for the book, I used some of the drawing and painting filters in Photoshop. Yes, I know, I could have/should have drawn them myself, but in the amount of time I had to complete the project, this approach had to serve.

Finding Chicago, page 1
Finding Chicago, page 1
artist's book
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